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Music Business Management 


COFINK was founded by Colin Finkelstein, who is also the CEO of boutique label Yebo, and the former CFO and COO of EMI North America.


COFINK’s primary objective is to assist Artists, Managers, Labels and Music Companies in navigating the business of the music industry to maximize earnings.  We provide best-in-class business management services using technology to drive value to clients. We embrace the rapidly changing marketplace and are committed to innovation in every aspect of an artist’s life.


COFINK's view of the current Music Marketplace:

  • The business is complex, with many revenue streams mostly not maximized.

  • Artist and their managers are playing a greater role in driving the business of Music.

  • A rapidly changing marketplace brings the need to foresee disruption and drive requisite change.


COFINK offers a full range of financial services including business advice, accounting, tax, royalty and reporting and investment strategy as well as merger and acquisition support.  We are affiliated with best in class tax and personal Investments firms.


  • Service is our Mission

  • Analysis the Tool

  • Honesty and Transparency our Calling

  • Teamwork a Must

  • Technology the Pathway

  • Coach/Mentor our Skillset

  • Devotion/Drive to help Artist/Managers and Labels Maximize Earnings is our Passion

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